Dragonboat 2015

I would like to personally thank all of those that contributed in their donations and their time this year in making Dragon Boat 2015 another successful event for the company. Cancer touches all of us in some form or fashion in our walk here on earth and it’s not pretty but what is beautiful is to see this company come together and do what they can to raise money for cancer victims. Looks like we came in 6th in donations out of 61 teams!! Over $165,000 was raised in total for the event and I’m proud we did our part. Atlanta was the #1 contributor for the company overall. Congratulations Don and team. Thanks to all of you everywhere.

For those that competed, they did so without a single practice, and came in 6th overall out of 57 “mixed(women/men)” teams. Not too shabby! I can tell you I have seen a competitive spirit that will not be happy until they bring in the Gold.

A special thanks to Danielle Lowell who organized the company event with a lot of help from the Charleston office in implementing the many tasks that go into making this kind of thing happen. And to those that took time out of their daily lives to come this way for the weekend, it was a time we will always remember. I hope to see you in next years DragonBoat. God bless you all.