About Us

Our Mission

Keller Interiors will be the most trusted provider of goods, services, information, and insight to everyone we serve. We will be a great place to learn and work for everyone on our team. We will love what we do for them.

Our Vision

At Keller we appreciate the value of humble beginnings. We will see the value of our place in the world for what it is everyday. We will aspire with an entrepreneurial vision to grow into what we are yet to become.

Our Values

We revere the virtue of sweat and the quality workmanship. We are known for our quality and integrity above all other values. We deny prejudice a place and protect and respect the environment.

Family Owned

You receive the personal touch that can only be found when you work with a family owned business.

Certified Experience

Over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Customer Support

All Keller Interior employees are dedicated to very high standards, to bring our clients the satisfaction and peace of mind they deserve.

The Keller Purpose

To build relationships and faithfully serve people in their home projects through an impactful, positive attitude and differentiated quality experience.

Keller Interiors’ History

Our company is based on a family tradition of superior floor covering and ceramic tile installation services. My family began a store much like today’s decorator stores back in the early 60’s. Many things have changed since those days in products and installation techniques but good customer service hasn’t. Working in the family business from an early age, I was always reminded of that and I believe that has helped shape our business of today.

I was fortunate to have spent several years in the less “techie days” of the early 80’s working with Apple and IBM through VAR programs The experience gave us the ability to create custom software that put us at the forefront in handling our client’s orders and concerns. Today, we believe we have the best systems in place to monitor your order from the beginning to the end and any warranty issues if and when they arise.

Our first installation distribution center was started in 91’ in Atlanta. Today we have over 25 offices throughout the country applying the principles we’ve learned in over 40 years in the business. These offices are managed with experienced flooring people that will give you quick local service. Only flooring installation companies that have passed our litmus test for excellence are used and must have certifications for their perspective fields. Good communication skills are a must!

We have been blessed with some of the best accounts in the industry, past and present. Companies who put customer satisfaction and quality installation at the top of their priorities are whom we partner with. The principle of applying the “golden rule” to business and the art of handling a problem the “right way” when and if one occurs has been our working formula. Thanks for those who have helped build our business and to those who will in the future.

David Keller