9th Annual Charleston Dragon Boat Festival “Sets Fire” to Cancer with Record Fundraising & Competition!

Charleston, SC – This past Saturday, Keller Interiors employees, families, and friends from all over the Midwest and Southeast had the unique opportunity to participate in the 9th annual Dragon Boat Festival. Hosted by Dragon Boat Charleston, a cancer-survivor driven group that “encourages healthy healing and healthy lifestyles through goal-oriented exercise, good nutrition, education and fellowship.” The Dragon Boat Charleston website states:

“Since 2003, Dragon Boat Charleston has been paddling the waters of the Ashley River with the mission to promote physical and mental wellness among cancer survivors and their community through dragon boating. IT IS DBC’S MISSION THAT ALL CANCER SURVIVORS PARTICIPATE FOR FREE!

Dragon Boat Charleston encourages healthy healing and healthy lifestyles through goal oriented exercise, good nutrition, education and fellowship and to support the beneficial effects of physical activity in survivorship through research. The club has over 200 members, some of which paddle in races throughout the country.

There is an emerging body of research suggesting that physical activity not only has a positive effect on quality of life following a diagnosis of cancer, but may also improve survival! Wellness and fitness programs designed for cancer survivors have recently been developed across North America, and survivors are enthusiastically participating! We are thrilled to share with you our excitement about this incredible sport.”

The Dragon Boat Festival weekend is the culmination of months of fundraising and preparation to host 62 competitive teams that helped raise over $187,852 this year. All the proceeds will support cancer-survivors to participate in dragon boat competitions across the United States.

Keller Interiors, also known as Team Carpet Diem, raised a company-record $14,630 for the event and placed 2nd in fundraising. Competitively, Team Carpet Diem placed 6th overall out of 62 teams in the actual dragon boat racing. Pretty impressive considering only one practice took place the day before. The day of the event was beautiful weather and good spirits by more than fifty people affiliated with Keller Interiors. The Dragon Boat Festival has become an annual event for Keller Interiors as a company, now in its 3rd year participating, bringing employees and families from all locations to participate and promote team building in a charitable atmosphere.

For more information about the event, visit www.charlestondragonboatfestival.com or www.dragonboatcharleston.org. For pictures and information about Keller Interiors, visit www.kellerinteriors.com.